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PtryBk 2.0: Change New Section Variables
Added on: Friday, January 25, 2008
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Using the Change New Section Variables tool in the Poetry Book Creator 2.0 toolbar.


The Change New Section Variables tool is meant to be used if the option of placing the Book Title, Author Name or Custom Text into a Page Header was selected and changes were later made to any of those items.

For instance if Book Title was selected to be placed in a section's right page header and later the Book Title was changed. When a new poetry section is added using the Add New Poetry Section tool the original book title will be used. To fix this use the Change New Section Variables tool to make the changes in the Book Title so the correct title will be used when adding a new section. 

Changes made in this tool will not effect any existing text in the book, only new sections added after making the changes will be effected.

To use select Change New Section Variables tool. The following form will appear:

The settings that are currently stored are displayed as the default. Change the information as needed then click on the Make Changes button. This will store the new information and they will be used the next time you use the Add New Poetry Section tool.

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