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PtryBk 2.0: Insert a Front or Back Section
Added on: Friday, January 25, 2008
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Using the Insert a Front or Back Section tool in the Poetry Book Creator 2.0 toolbar.


Use the Insert a Front of Back Section tool when you need to insert a new section to the front or back section of your book, outside of the poetry sections. These sections are usually such things as: Introduction, Foreword, About the Author, etc.

The new section will not include page headers or page numbers and will not appear in the Table of Contents.

To use this tool first place your cursor in the section that you want to insert the new section AFTER. Then click on the Insert a Front or Back Section tool. The following  form will appear.


Enter the title of the new section you are adding then click the Insert button.

The new section will be inserted into you book.


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